Project 1 Testing the efficacy of the NI Environmental Farming Scheme in NI Project: Testing the efficacy of the NI EFS (Environmental Farming Scheme) in Northern Ireland 

In partnership with lead partners BTO & RSPB, KRC Ecological are assisting with field co-ordination of a team of professional bird surveyors to undertake breeding and winter season monitoring of EFS and control habitat across NI over 6 years. The project is funded by DAERA-NI and running 2021-2027 will examine responses of bird populations (mostly farmland granivores and breeding waders) to EFS management prescriptions. KRC are involved in this project given prior experience (with RSPB/AFBI) of assessing the efficacy of the NICMS/CMS project between 2007 and 2011  
KRC Ecological undertook innovative ground-breaking conservation work in support of our landscape restoration project. We were very impressed both with the field skills of the team and their engagement with local communities
(Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership) 
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