KRC Ecological is an ecological/environmental consultancy established in 2018. We specialise in ornithological and related ecological survey and assessment with a particular focus on research and conservation management. We provide independent evidence-based consultancy services in ornithology, wildlife management, habitats and conservation policy. We are a private limited company (NI655577). 

With over 20 years professional experience in ornithological research and species conservation throughout the northern hemisphere, the company director/principal Kendrew Colhoun has worked in government, NGO and university sectors in the UK and Ireland undertaking work in the a highly diverse range of areas of research and policy utilising GIS, statistical, ecological and environmental skills including:

Ornithological survey and research – including autecological research, terrestrial and coastal surveys and long-term studies on migrants

Ecological surveys and assessment – of habitats, invertebrates, mammals and botany

Policy advice – on areas as diverse as aquaculture development, public health and agro-ecology

Wildlife management – resolving conflicts between humans and individual species

Evaluation of species and habitat interventions – on farmland birds and breeding waders


Dr Kendrew Colhoun – Company Director and Principal   
BSc. Hons (Environmental Sciences), PhD (Avian ecology)

Employment history – BirdWatch Ireland, Northern Ireland Assembly, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, University of Exeter and University College Dublin

Skills – Experienced ornithological researcher especially interested in ecology of arctic migrants and finding conservation solutions of declining species; 15 years as conservation scientist with NGOs and 5 years in research and policy analysis at the Northern Ireland Assembly (portfolios included education, health but especially agriculture and environment). Hence a breadth of knowledge and experience across many sectors. Kendrew holds an Honorary position as Senior Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. He is currently Project Manager for BirdWatch Ireland’s work package for the €7 million EU Interreg MarPAMM project and runs a number of breeding season and winter season projects focussing on waders.

He has published widely on avian ecology in international journals including Ibis, Bird Study, Diversity and Distributions, Science, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Wildlife Management, Journal of Avian Biology, Ardea, Irish Birds, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Animal Behaviour and Molecular Ecology, and co-supervised 7 PhD projects.
Kendrew’s Google Scholar profile


Dr Richard Inger – Associate  BSc. Hons (Genetics), MSc. (Wildlife Biology & Conservation), PhD (Avian Ecology)

Employment history – post-doctoral research fellowships at Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Exeter.

Skills – Richard is an applied ecologist whose research, generally focusing on birds seeks to understand how animals respond to a range of contemporary stressors, including habitat modification and degradation, the impacts of invasive species, marine renewable energy and artificial light pollution. Much of my research has utilised and developed forensic techniques to infer how these changes affect the diet of individuals and populations and the subsequent ramifications of these changes.

He has been published 67 papers in a range of prestigious international journals including Science, Current Biology, PNAS, Ecology Letters, Nature Plants, Journal of Animal Ecology and Journal of Applied Ecology.

Richard in skilled in the application of a wide range of statistical techniques and has authored a number of statistical methodological papers. In total his work has been cited over 7000 times. Richard’s Google Scholar profile

Dr Andrea Soriano-Redondo – Associate BSc. (Ecology), MSc. (Conservation Biology & Biodiversity Management), PhD (Conservation Biology)

Employment history – post-doctoral research fellowships at University of Exeter and the University of Lisbon.

Skills – Andrea is a conservation biologist that investigates the demographic dynamics of animal population in relation to a range of factors, such as the effect of conservation actions or the impact of climate change. She is also involved in the development of a new field of research, conservation culturomics, to understand how cultural trends affect nature conservation using digital datasets.

She is an early-career researcher and experience analysing a range of data: GPS and accelerometry, behavioural, distribution and digital data. She has published eight peer-reviewed papers on those topics in international journals including Nature, Scientific Reports, Animal Conservation, Biological Conservation, Ardea and Oecologia. Andrea’s Research Gate profile

Kerry Mackie – Associate BSc. Hons. (Earth Sciences), MSc. (Mineral Exploration)

Employment history – Field Ecologist (BirdWatch Ireland), Senior Warden – Grounds and Reserve Manager (The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust), Ecological Consultant, PhD (ongoing) University of Exeter.

Skills – Kerry has a diverse range of wildlife management and conservation skills gained from experience as a field surveyor and reserve manager for over 12 years. These include habitat management and restoration (especially constructed wetlands), a range of ecological surveys, activities involving bird handling and predator exclusion and control. Kerry is currently undertaking detailed academic studies of wintering Icelandic Whooper Swans, associated with a major road scheme in Northern Ireland while he continues his involvement with long-term research on Light-bellied Brent, Barnacle and Greylag Geese. He has published over 10 scientific papers in journals including Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Ardea and Biology Letters.