Wildlife Management – evaluating the impact of flocking birds on dairy farms and testing interventions (University of Exeter; European Reg Dev Fund AgriTech Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly in conjunction with Prof RA MacDonald, Prof S Bearhop & Dr Richard Woods)

Species conservation – understanding the impacts of habitat and predator management on conservation of ground-nesting species in Ireland (University College Dublin/National Parks & Wildlife Service/Lough Neagh Partnership)

National inter-tidal surveys – a survey of inter-tidal eelgrass (Zostera) around the coastline of Ireland (WWT/Environmental Protection Agency, Republic of Ireland)

Agri-Environment scheme evaluation – before-after control-intervention study of NICMS in Northern Ireland for breeding waders and farmland granivores (RSPB/AFBI/DAERA-NI)

National Surveys of Breeding Waders – 3rd NI assessment of population sizes and trends in four breeding wader species (RSPB/NIEA)

Population Viability Analysis – modelling demographics in endangered species (Univ College Dublin/NPWS)

Assessment of the effects of aquaculture on wintering waterbird populations in Co. Waterford (Marine Institute)

Waterbird population trends in relation to coastal aquaculture (Marine Institute)

Road scheme Breeding Bird Surveys (RPS)

Windfarm monitoring (Atmos Consulting)